Entry: Write something, anything... but it better be good! Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What if I told you, Mr.Boss, to write about lipsticks or neuroscientific research or some other bullshit topic that you have no clue about in a simple yet intuitive manner? Would you be able to do it, just like that?

I have a funny feeling that it won't come out great. But you always have this "I don't know how to write stuff anyway..." excuse behind what you can hide yourself and constantly do. It's easier to criticize than to try to explain your intentions and ideas in a  more clear manner.

Ugh. No wonder I've got writer's block. Every time I write for you I feel like I'm wasting time, because you suck every bit of the sparkly attitude and life out of what I'm writing. Sure, why try to be funny and cheerful if we can be boring and formal.


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