Entry: What have I traded myself into? Monday, July 28, 2014

Oh joy,  I can still remember the times when life was so much easier, when the grass was greener on my side of the corner and the sun was shining all the time. Khmm, yeah right. Let's be honest with myself here, miss Wannabe Marketer, you hated being a CS Agent, you almost had it at CS Training Specialist and you definitely didn't feel that much comfortable at being a Training Coordinator... and now this mess?

Who knew, that becoming a Marketer, when you have absolutely no idea how to do marketing (or even what is was) could be so rewarding... NOT!

I mean, at least before I had a lengthy title and shitloads of things I was constantly doing that I could boast about. Now what? Once you open your mouth to introduce yourself as a Marketer you get shit flying in from left and right... and that horrible whiny face. The "Oh, you're a marketer..." face.

It's not that I care too much about what they think, but somehow being a marketer leaves a taste of shit in everyone's mouth. Makes me wonder if something's wrong with the job when in fact nothing's wrong with it. It's just the imaginary perception  that people have that makes it look so bad. They think you're instantly trying to sell them something or they'll try to test you into selling something... or they instantly assume that you're awesome at it and should be doing better. Guess what, I'm here to learn and a great marketer is never ready. With papers or without. I go with my gut feeling, that's the best that I can do, OK?

Let's make a deal... the next time I tell you that I'm a Marketer, you'll pretend that you heard that I'm the next Super Badass Director of the most awesome startup company! Yeah, that makes you smile, doesn't it?

Well, ever understood what the hell those directors do? Just a pile of daily bullshit, delegation and poker face, pretense that they've got the most important job in the world. Never mind that the rest of the people do the work. Good luck with that... but hey, if it sounds so nice, it must be nice as well, right?


July 29, 2014   07:54 AM PDT
Yeah I took the job initially to understand how to market my own business as well. And I have learned a lot. It's just some of those few little details that make me want to crawl up and down the wall every now and then :P
July 28, 2014   11:03 AM PDT
I'm trying to market my company even though it's not what I was hired to do but I get flack internally for trying to do so!

I tell you what though, if "Sales Reps" here, coined the term "Marketer" to describe themselves, I would welcome them a little more when they come into the office to solicit business.

I am sure your job is tough. I turn people away all of the time just because we are set in our ways and making change is always scary.

Maybe it's a good thing I'm not supported in my personal endeavor for our company, after all, huh?

Ps. WELCOME BACK! /excited!

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